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Cyber Security: Protecting Your Business & Where You Can Turn

Cyber security has been a recurring topic among the manufacturing community and for very good reason. Facilities are becoming increasingly connected along with all links throughout the supply chain. This connectivity, although fostering innovation and open communication, can create new issues for manufacturers. A manufacturer might not be aware of the cyber threats, but more businesses each year have to deal with problems stemming from relaxed cyber security. We've spoken about the physical ...

S6-E7 Economic Forecast from The Manufacturers’ Alliance for Productivity and Innovation

Cliff Waldman, Director of Economic Studies at the Manufacturer’s Alliance for Productivity and Innovation Foundation is with us again to present MAPI’s latest economic forecast, plus important research on productivity in manufacturing. It promises to be an interesting discussion of GDP, global economic trends and indicators, and an in-depth look at why, and how, slowing productivity growth remains an escalating concern. A must listen for manufacturing executives across America.

COP 21 Talk & Business: 3 Months Later

In December, over 200 leaders from nations all over the world met in Paris to discuss climate change on a global scale. The COP 21 talks reached a historical conclusion as for the first time in history, world leaders came together and agreed on a plan to reduce global fossil fuel emissions. However, the agreement being just a promise and not backed by any international law's, people are wondering what impacts of any this will have on climate change. Furthermore, business owners are concerned ...