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How Metal 3D Printing Could Make Hypersonic Travel a Reality

Since aviation became one of the world’s top forms of travel, humans have imagined the potential of hypersonic flight. In fact, this means of travel was a talking point used in President Reagan’s state of the union address back in 1986, with the former President stating “We are going forward with research on a new Orient Express that could, by the end of the next decade, take off from Dulles Airport, accelerate up to 25 times the speed of sound; attaining low Earth orbit or flying to ...

S10-E6: From Cell Door to Shop Floor

Sean Osborne is an inspirational individual who made a decision to stop doing things that got him in trouble with the law and use his hands-on skills and intelligence in manufacturing. Learn what that decision was like and the results he has experienced as he raised himself up at Wagner Machine, a full service custom machining and fabrication shop in Norton, Ohio.