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Latest Update on The Export-Import Bank

Today marks an important milestone for the Export Import Bank that has only been partially operational for two years. Former Republican Congressman Scott Garrett is testifying before the Senate Banking Committee to explain why he’d be the best person for the job. However, many in the audience are skeptical about his loyalty to the United States Export Credit Agency. Garrett has been vocal about his opposition to the Ex-Im Bank in the past. After appointed to lead the Ex-Im Bank, Garrett ...

S10-E15: Breaking News: ISM Rolls Up Slightly Lower at 58.7

Listen NOW - ISM's Tim Fiore, Committee Chair of the Manufacturing Report on Business(R) covers the October ISM number, still strong at 58.7 but slightly lower than September that hit 60.8. The 60's tend to be unsustainable for long periods of time unless the economy is overheating, which then typically ends badly. The 50's are more solid for the long-term health and strength of the economy, so 58.7 is a solid number in the upper range that reflects the 3.0 GDP just reported.