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3D Hubs

3D Hubs is the world’s largest network of manufacturing services. The platform offers 3D printing, CNC Machining, and Injection Molding and operates a global network of manufacturing partners.

Online manufacturing with 3D Hubs

Upload your files, get an instant quote and go into production in less than 5 minutes. Your go-to service for ordering custom parts online. 3D Hubs is the world’s largest network of manufacturing Hubs. With services connected in over 140 countries, we’ll find the fastest and most price competitive manufacturing service near you.

1 – Upload your designs
Our geometry analyzer will give you instant feedback on manufacturability, suggesting the best processes based on your parts design.

2 – Specify your requirements
Explore different materials while turnaround times and prices update in real-time. By utilizing available local production capacity on-demand, we can deliver competitively priced parts in hours.

3 – Receive quality parts
All parts are sourced through verified service providers and delivered straight to your doorstep. 3D Hubs’ Buyers Protection guarantees your parts are delivered according to specifications.

For more information visit 3Dhubs.com