How MFG Day Continues to Benefit The Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturing day was on October 2nd and the results from this incredible event exceeded all expectations. A survey of participants and hosts found that MFG day had a strong positive impact on students, parents, teachers and manufacturers.

Deloitte put together a poll to gain a better understanding on how everyone involved responded to the largest Manufacturing Day ever. “The co-producers of Manufacturing Day could not be more pleased with the results of the 2015 celebration,” said Fabricators & Manufacturers Association President Ed Youdell. (
Manufacturing Day, for those who may not know, takes place on the first Friday of October each year to bring awareness and educate students about the new modern manufacturing industry and the careers and opportunities it has to offer.

Manufacturing has had a stigma associated with it since the first industrial revolution due to dangerous working conditions, job cuts and the assumption that manufacturing is dirty work. Advanced manufacturing technologies and systems have created a totally different manufacturing environment that so many are not aware of. On manufacturing day, manufacturers from all over the country, plus Canada and Puerto Rico, open their doors to students and educators to give them a glimpse at what makes up the modern manufacturing industry. Now as the results come in, we can start to see that education is the key to becoming a more inviting and desirable career choice.

88% of manufacturers that participated this year are now looking into engaging with nearby high schools and colleges to help spread the word about advanced manufacturing careers. This is a huge success in and of itself because one day a year will not be enough to change the public’s view of this important industry. As manufacturers see the success educating the youth can bring, more manufacturers will begin to branch out on their own, ensuring that education about modern manufacturing continues all year long. 95% of the manufacturers said they will be hosting similar events in the future.  An impressive number to say the least.

A majority of parents and educators have not tried to push or represent the manufacturing industry when speaking about potential career opportunities. Many people still don’t realize that manufacturing can offer so many more opportunities than just working on an assembly line, even if the assembly line has transformed dramatically in recent years and is far more advanced than the first Ford manufacturing line that so many still picture in their heads. But manufacturing day has not only helped open the eyes of students but 90% of educators were found to be moved by manufacturers incredible events and have convinced them to be more willing to encourage manufacturing careers for their students. In addition, 81% of students said they were convinced that a career in manufacturing is “both interesting and rewarding”

“It is powerful to see that our collective efforts are making a difference in educating the public about manufacturing and its rewarding careers and how we are helping manufacturers throughout the U.S. connect with the next generation workforce” said Manufacturing Extension Partnership Director Carroll Thomas. (

There was over 2,600 individual events in all 50 states and it is even now spreading past U.S. boarders as Canada and Puerto Rico begin to celebrate MFG Day. The celebration included over 400,000 participants in 2015, that is 225,000 students and 55,000 parents and teachers and there were even 12 virtual Manufacturing Day events which connected manufacturers to thousands more.

As Manufacturing Day continues to mature and become more popular each year, manufacturers can begin to spread the word more easily about advanced manufacturing careers. Manufacturers are facing a severe skills shortage and individual events throughout the year must continue in order to ensure the message continues to spread. We here at MFG Talk Radio can’t wait for next years’ Manufacturing Day and hope MFG Day next year breaks records all over again.

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