A Sustainable Manufacturing Future: Lockheed Martin Leading The Way

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A new partnership focused on renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been formed between Lockheed Martin and Duke Energy Renewables. This partnership is another great addition to Lockheed’s commitment to renewable energy which is already powering 16% of their total business. This 17 year power purchase agreement for solar-generated power, which will be produced and sourced by Duke Energy Renewables, could be the beginning of something huge.

Duke Energy Renewable solar power will provide clean electricity for all of Lockheed Martin domestic businesses across the US.

This is just part of Lockheed Martin’s new commitment to explore new ways to reduce their overall energy consumption while keeping greenhouse gas emissions at an absolute minimum.

“Signing this agreement for the acquisition of large-scale renewable power is a significant milestone towards our commitment to environmental stewardship and is one more step in the expansion of our Go Green program looking for operational efficiencies and best business value to our operations,” said Lockheed Martin Vice President of Energy, Environment, Safety and Health,Carol B. Cala. “We have a goal to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2020 based on our 2010 emissions, and with this investment in renewables we are one step closer to achieving that goal.”  (http://lmt.co/1oZjHJs)

Lockheed Martin is rated as one of the largest renewable energy consuming corporations by the EPA in 2015. Using over 260,000 megawatt hours of green power per year, their commitment to this endeavor is in the data. Jay Timmons, President of the National Association of Manufacturers made this statement “Manufacturers will continue to lead the way in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”( http://bit.ly/1WguitJ) and Lockheed Martin’s commitment is a prime example of the effort being put into this important initiative.

“We’re demonstrating that investing in large-scale renewable power that delivers cleaner electricity doesn’t have to cost more,” said Leo Mackay, Lockheed Martin vice president of Ethics & Sustainability. (http://lmt.co/1oZjHJs)

The statement above is one of the most important, made throughout their February press release. Old perceptions of solar power are one of the main reasons businesses hesitate to investigate this clean energy solution. New breakthroughs, and a booming solar industry, have created a competitive environment where manufacturers can invest into solar power without breaking the bank. We only hope that more manufacturers and businesses of any kind continue to follow in the footsteps of Lockheed Martin, investing in solar energy for the possibility of a sustainable future.