The Annual WiM SUMMIT: What You Can Expect

Manufacturing is taking tremendous steps to break down antiquated barriers and increase diversity throughout all aspects of the industry. There are some incredible organizations taking this initiative head on and businesses continue to modernize their recruiting efforts to address the gender gap that persists.

One of the organizations that have continuously helped improve manufacturing’s image among women is Women in Manufacturing. Women in Manufacturing (WiM) is an incredible group of women who work in the manufacturing industry ranging from C-Suite executives to shop floor machinists and they’re playing an invaluable role to help ensure the industry thrives well into the future. Women In Manufacturing offer leadership and mentoring for women interested or curious about a career in manufacturing. Role models are important when deciding on a career and for so long, young women had very few manufacturers to admire. WiM set out to fix this image problem and have made tremendous progress.

Wednesday, September 13th through Friday, September 15th, Women in Manufacturing is holding their annual ‘WiM SUMMIT’ in Hartford Connecticut. This is the only national conference of its kind and the networking/educational event features a host of activities and keynote speeches surrounding the modern manufacturing industry. Plant tours, industry roundtables, professional development tracks and social events will all be a part of this important conference. Each one of these activities are focused on expanding participants’ networks and offering them the information they need to continue excelling in their manufacturing careers.

Manufacturing Talk Radio will be on location in Hartford at the WiM SUMMIT conducting interviews with some of the attendees and keynote speakers. Even if you can’t make it to the event, be sure to check back for the videos and interviews from our time there. The topics being discussed and the information being shared is absolutely vital to the future of American manufacturing. For a more complete look at what the WiM SUMMIT has to offer, you can find the full agenda, here or register now.

The manufacturing industry thrives on diversity. All the technology in the world will still not be able to deliver the unique perspective a diverse workforce can offer. Understanding the barriers and taking steps to address the issues is critical in order to improve the gender gap and when trying to bridge the skills gap. Manufacturers can no longer ignore nearly 50% of the workforce and must take steps to improve their recruiting efforts to bring in and support more women in manufacturing. WiM is doing their part and making incredible progress, but they can’t do it all on their own.


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