Apple Ready To Make Their Debut In The World of Automotives

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The automotive industry is transforming almost as fast as the manufacturers tasked with assembling the vehicles. From self-driving cars to electric vehicles, no one is sure what the future will hold for the industry. One thing is certain, there will be more automotive manufacturers making their way to the industry. The next company to make their debut into the world of automotive technology and manufacturing is Apple.

Apple was just given a permit by the state of California to test autonomous vehicles. The current permit holders for autonomous vehicle testing includes traditional car manufacturers like Ford, Honda,GM Cruise LLC but also newer companies like Tesla Motors and Faraday & Future Inc and Google.

For years automotive manufacturers have been discussing new technologies offering them the ability to improve efficiency and productivity. However, now technology has begun to impact not just how these cars are made, but how they function at the consumer level. Autonomous vehicles could be the next step and technology companies like Apple, Google and Tesla are paving the way forward toward progress.

Automotive manufacturers are facing disruption on a level never before seen. The capabilities of these technology companies have been creating a revolution in the way consumers think about their vehicles and it will be imperative traditional automakers do all they can to keep up.

Over the past year, rumors were making their rounds about Apple’s autonomous-car plans. Last week, official word came from the California Department of Motor Vehicles when they listed all the permit holders for autonomous vehicles in chronological order. Apple, Inc was listed at the very bottom but they could soon climb to the top in regard to improving and developing autonomous driving software.

Software will be the toughest challenge to overcome when looking at autonomous vehicles. Safety and reliability are the primary concerns associated with vehicles that have the ability to take complete control. Apple is a technology pioneer and could have the resources on hand to tackle this challenge and win the consumers trust when it comes to self-driving vehicles. No word yet on how or if Apple plans on manufacturing their own vehicles in the future. However, this is something that manufacturers of all kinds should keep a very close eye on.

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