Why Apprenticeships Are Vital For The U.S. Manufacturing Industry

One of the biggest concerns the manufacturing industry continues to face is the widening skills gap. With new manufacturing technologies requiring a different skill set, the skills gap is growing faster than ever. Currently a powerful and often overlooked tool that needs to be embraced by more manufacturers is apprenticeships. These programs have long been used by other countries to help expand the workforce and now President Trump wants to use them to help the U.S. bolster its own manufacturing talent pool.

Deeming this week “Workforce Week” the President has expressed interest in seeing more apprenticeship programs spread through the United States. “Apprenticeships are going to be a big, big factor in our country,” Trump said during his first full cabinet meeting Monday. “There are millions of good jobs that lead to great careers, jobs that do not require a four-year degree or the massive debt that often comes with those four-year degrees and even two-year degrees.” (http://bit.ly/2rvFLvQ) More of these programs being implemented would have huge benefits for the manufacturing industry as a whole.

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Apprenticeships offer many benefits to manufacturers large and small. One of the main ways a business can gain is by training potential future staff to fit the needs of their specific business. Furthermore apprentices bring with them a fresh set of eyes to weigh in on the various production challenges that may arise. This talent pool is young and willing to work which can help address problem areas in ways that would have never been considered.

These programs also give manufacturers a chance to recruit workers before they find employment somewhere else. Instead of having new employees undergo a lengthy training procedure, new hires are ready to work from day one and know the routine the minute they are on payroll. Whether the apprentice stays with the company or not, they build a valuable skill set that in the long run benefits the entire manufacturing industry.

With more apprenticeships available to America’s youth and the current administration’s focus on bringing jobs back stateside, the industry’s future looks bright. Many seeking jobs in the field will have plenty of opportunity in the coming years and younger generations will hopefully be more inclined to pursue a career in manufacturing. Manufacturing Talk Radio is keeping their eyes on everything happening during Trump’s “Workforce Week” so be sure to keep checking back for all the latest developments!