Boeing Announces New Orders As Airbus Gets Some Upsetting News

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Boeing had impressive results at the Dubai Air Show, solidifying a $15.1 billion deal with the long-haul carrier, Emirates. They purchased 40 American-made Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners on Sunday, marking a very impressive start to the air show. Even Airbus, Boeing’s number one competitor was surprised by the new order. Reports prior to the air show suggested a major deal could be on the horizon for Airbus’ A380 but those hopes have faded.

Emirates CEO and Chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum did mention that he considered the Airbus A350 for the airline but instead decided to invest in the Boeing 787-10. He explained, “We were comparing the two apples,” but they concluded that Boeing’s 787 would be “the best option” for their airline “given its maintenance and so on.”

This is not the first time Airbus lost out on selling the A350 to Emirates. In 2014, Emirates canceled their order for 70 A350s due to a “fleet requirement” review. Furthermore, the newer A380 was the intended aircraft they wanted to sell to Emirates but it seems their latest aircraft is completely off the table. Emirates CEO and Chairman made no mention of the new aircraft when explaining how they were comparing the Airbus aircraft to the Boeing’s new 787-10. Instead, the only mention was for the older A350.

The cost of a Boeing 787-10 is usually around $312.8 million and the Emirates can expect deliveries to begin in 2022. Currently, the American plane maker already has 171 orders for the 787-10. Abu Dhabi-based Etihad is on that list as well.

“The order will take Emirates’ total (number of) wide body aircraft of the Boeing to 204 aircrafts, units worth over $90 billion,” Sheikh Ahmed announced. He continued on to say, “This is a long-term commitment that supports hundreds of thousands of jobs, not only at Boeing but also throughout the aviation supply chain.”

Boeing is already coming off of an exciting October. Booking 64 orders and delivering 56 aircraft in the last month, things are looking up for the American airplane maker. Also, the battle between Boeing and Airbus seems to have ended in Boeing’s favor which could help them secure market share lost to the European airplane giant.

These latest developments could be an indicator of what is to come for the American aerospace industry. With a renewed focus on American manufacturing, it could have an impressive impact on the workforce here in the United States. Be sure to check back on soon for recent news surrounding the global aerospace industry.