Episode 217: LIVE with Sen. Sherrod Brown

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Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio Address ExIm Bank Vote, Summer Manufacturing Camps and Women And Manufacturing

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) joins co-hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to discuss the nomination vote on Rep. Scott Garrett, President Trump’s choice to head the Export-Import Bank, the Summer Manufacturing Camps for 4th-8th graders hosted by his office, and a key solution to the skills gap by focusing on Women And Manufacturing. As it relates to Rep Scott Garrett being confirmed to head the Export-Import Bank, according to Senator Brown, He never really gave an answer (of) why does he want this job, when he spent much of his congressional career trying to put this bank out of business. It’s his view, I’m fine. It’s a free country, he can think what he wants.  But he is philosophically, strongly, vehemently against the existence of the EXIM bank.” Rep. Garrett’s confirmation is not supported by the National Association of Manufacturers.  Following Senator Brown’s remarks on the vote, he will discuss the summer manufacturing camps his office hosts each year for 4th-8th grades to give them a hands on experience with modern manufacturing so they can make an informed decision whether to attend college or begin a career in manufacturing right out of high school or a Vo-Tech college. The senator will also discuss the critical role women will fill in the manufacturing skills gap, where they are 51% of the population but less than 30% of manufacturing employees, and an even smaller percentage of management and C-Suite roles. Bloomberg BNA wrote: “Garrett previously said the bank should be shut down and the National Association of Manufacturers described him as ‘untrustworthy and unqualified’ to run Ex-Im”.