Caring To Add Value To Your Business

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Today on Manufacturing Talk Radio we have with us some amazing organizations that are doing incredible things for people that live with an intellectual or developmental disability. These organizations help educate, empower and advocate for this hugely underrepresented community.

Everyone has value, and we as a society need to start seeing the potential people living with a disability have. Some are hard-working, motivated and resilient individuals who can add so much to an organization.

For many Americans with intellectual or developmental disabilities, which can include conditions such as autism or Down syndrome, remain secluded from the workforce. Even with changing attitudes and the billions of dollars the government spends on programs to help them, employers still overlook this important group of people, who are capable of working. Nearly 20% of the American population live with some kind of disability according to recent census data. If you as an company ignore this section of the population, you are doing a disservice to yourself as well as to all of those people you overlook due to their specific condition.

Employers need to care about the injustice that is taking place. Just because someone is living with a disability does not mean they cannot work and be an asset to society. Those who live with their condition day in and day out have a strong and resilient personality that can uplift your entire workforce. These are hard-working and driven individuals who are putting themselves out there looking to lead productive lives, the same way as everyone else. Immediately underestimating their ability is a travesty.

In some cases a person may have a disability that is so severe that they are not able to work. This is where caring and the kindness of others comes into play. There are so many people willing to do so much for these individuals. One of our guests today, Team Hoyt Running Chairs designs and manufacturers amazing state of the art racing chairs for people with disabilities. These chairs are incredible pieces of hardware that create a comfortable running and riding experience.

Each of our guests bring a unique perspective on this issue. To learn more about each of them and to hear from representatives from each of the organization you can visit¬† find out more. They are people, they’re not just a disability. Look at the individual, see their drive, understand their plight and make your decision based on their value, enthusiasm and perseverance.