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Weekly Wrap Up for September 21st, 2018

Manufacturing Talk Radio senior correspondent Norbert Ore discusses 18 surveys he follows in countries across the globe, as well as many regional surveys in the U.S. to get a forward feel for the mood of manufacturing as seen from new orders and the supply chain. Manufacturers can participate in this survey and gain access to two forward-looking reports each month for free as survey respond...

Jeff Carr with Ultra Consultants

About Ultra Consultants Ultra Consultants is an independent research and enterprise solutions consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries throughout North America, as well as companies with global operations. Since 1994, Ultra has delivered enterprise technology expertise and process management to drive business performance improvement for our clients. More ...




MMO Sept-Oct-PROOFv2

S10-E5: ISM’s Non-Manufacturing Index at 53.9

The ISM's Non-Manufacturing Index rolled up to 53.9, 3.5 points less than July activity that was reported in early August. All categories that make up the index fell which may be an indicator of summer vacations in August. Hear Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair of the ISM's Non-Manufacturing Report on Business(R), goes into detail about the report and the categories to give listeners a solid ...