Celebrating Manufacturing Day with NJMEP & MFG Talk Radio

Every October, manufacturer’s come together to celebrate and pass on knowledge about the modern manufacturing industry and all it has to offer. This year is no exception as manufacturers prepare to open their doors and show the world how far they have come. Events are taking place all over the country from manufacturing enterprises to educational institutions, Manufacturing Day continues to gain momentum. This year, MFG Talk Radio is getting ready to celebrate the day with the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

This Friday, October 6th, marks the sixth annual NJMEP ‘Made in New Jersey’ National Manufacturing Day and if it’s anything like previous events, it’s going to be an incredible experience. Manufacturers of all kinds came out to support and network with one another, all working toward the same goal. It would be impossible for an individual or a single company to change the public’s perception of the manufacturing industry. However by working together to share ideas, recruitment strategies and the latest best practices, so much more can be accomplished. NJMEP is doing an incredible service for the manufacturers of New Jersey and the local communities that can benefit from a prosperous NJ manufacturing industry. There’s so much to look forward to at the ‘Made in New Jersey’ Annual Manufacturing Day & Awards event.

So Much To Experience

NJMEP will be hosting their event at the Bridgewater Marriott, bringing together manufacturers and students from all around the state. It begins at 7:30 with a continental breakfast and perfect time to network. Guest speakers will take their place behind the podium to share their thoughts and ideas about what the manufacturing industry can do to improve their image moving forward. The previous year’s event had some amazing guests and speakers, ready to share their knowledge and love for the manufacturing industry.

Looking For Event Ideas? This Infographic Can Help.

Keynote speeches only make up a small portion of the entire event. NJMEP will be handing out the Manufacturing Awards as well as hosting breakout sessions where manufacturers can gain some practical knowledge on pressing issues the industry faces today. Food manufacturing compliance, Cybersecurity, employment law and HR nightmares are just a few of the breakout sessions available to attendees. This is where manufacturers can learn and discuss how these issues are affecting the industry and what can be done to overcome the challenges. To see NJMEP’s agenda for the event, take a look here.

Manufacturing Talk Radio will be on location conducting interviews with the attendees. Last year it was incredible to see how manufacturers and students viewed the industry and how they shared the same excitement about the direction manufacturing was heading. Another year has past and some amazing developments have taken place. There’s no telling what conversations manufacturers and students will be having this year.

MFG Day is Invaluable

All of this has such a tremendous impact on the future of manufacturing. Collaboration provides an incredible amount of opportunity to share new ideas and information about the modern industry. Without Manufacturing Day and great events like the one NJMEP is hosting, there would be a very slim chance for businesses to get the message out to the public. Manufacturing is far from the dark, dirty and dangerous industry it’s stigma would allow many to believe. Instead, modern manufacturing takes advantage of the latest tools and technology to increase efficiency while also creating new job opportunities focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The future looks bright for manufacturing, it’s just important to make sure the public sees that as well.

Be Sure To Check Back

Manufacturing Talk Radio will be conducting interviews and recording sections of the entire event. Be sure to check back here for any updates and see where and when interviews and video’s from NJMEP’s ‘Made in New Jersey’ Manufacturing Day Celebration will be available. For more information take a look at NJMEP’s official website.

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