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Vicki Poponi, Vice President, Auto Sales Operations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. has a head for business and a heart for manufacturing. In manufacturing we measure what matters, Key Performance Indicators drive business every day. Vicki knows this because her 360-degree career in the industry, always striving to improve, drive change, and inspire others to their best. In this episode, Jennifer McNelly, President of 180 Skills LLC, interviews Vicki about her career in manufacturing. Vicki shares how her early roles in manufacturing informed her approach to business. She offers guidance on the important of the numbers and understanding the language of business. Tune into Learn the Language of Business to listen to Vicki’s impactful journey.

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Vicki Poponi
Vicki Poponi

Our Guest:

As of April 1, 2017, Vicki Poponi became the vice president, Auto Sales Operations for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM). In this capacity, Vicki has the responsibility for all market support activities for both Honda and Acura vehicle sales. Functional responsibility include national, regional marketing, experiential marketing operations, public relations, auto shows and dealer support functions such as dealer communications, training and market planning.

Prior to April, Vicki spent two years as AHM’s vice president of Export Sales. In this capacity, Vicki’s team was responsible for sales of U.S. and North American built automobiles, and manufactured parts, to more than 84 countries and supported 15 Honda assembly plants around the world. Her responsibilities included all export operations, including global logistics.

From 2013 to 2015, Vicki was the assistant vice president of Service Engineering in the Parts, Service & Technical Division of American Honda. In this role, Poponi lead AHM’s technical operations consisting of Engineering, TechLine, Export Service and Product Development. Poponi’s teams were responsible for monitoring the US and export markets to identify emerging product issues and driving issue resolution through manufacturing and R&D, providing technical repair guidance to dealership service technicians and working with automobile development teams to ensure future products can be maintained and serviced by dealers.

From 2005 to April 2013, Poponi was the assistant vice president of automobile Product Planning at AHM, which has the charter of driving AHM’s strategic objectives by representing the needs of the U.S. market and customer in vehicle development. In this role, Poponi was responsible for Honda and Acura product planning, strategic planning, market research and quality assurance coordination for AHM. Poponi focused on improving the company’s product planning and launch planning processes in order to create a market-driven culture that leverages the strengths of the entire AHM organization

Poponi joined AHM in 2005 with a rich and diverse background in general management, marketing, business development, operations and engineering. Prior to joining AHM, Poponi worked for Honeywell’s Garrett Turbocharging Systems where she held the positions of Vice President, Strategic Growth and Director of Worldwide Operations. In addition, Poponi had general management responsibilities for Garrett’s Thermal Systems business. Prior to her tenure at Garrett, Poponi worked for over a decade in the paper industry as a program manager for Kimberly-Clark Corporation and as an operations manager for Scott Paper Company.

Poponi received a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Drexel University, and she holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.