DDoS Attack Hits The Eastern US: Why Manufacturers Should Be Paying Attention

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Today, the Northeast United States experienced a severe DDoS attack which shut down websites such as the New York Times, Guthub, Airbnb, Reddit, Twitter and many more. The attack targeted the DNS (Domain Name System) provider, Dyn. This is not exactly the best way to celebrate ‘National Cybersecurity Awareness Month’ that is currently taking place this October, however it does help solidify why manufacturers and businesses of all kinds need to pay close attention to their cybersecurity.

What is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS attack is short for Distributed Denial of Service attack. It is a type of DoS attack where multiple compromised systems often previously infected with a Trojan are used to target a single system causing a DoS attack. In plain english, multiple systems that have already been infected with some kind of malware all target a single system to flood the server with requests until it is forced to shut down. DDoS attacks can have an impact on multiple systems because if one goes down, it can cause a domino effect that can take out systems that are tethered or dependent on the system that was targeted initially and could require help from ddos mitigation service.

The Impact on the Modern Manufacturer

Manufacturers must be very aware of the different kind of cyber threats that are out there and a DDoS attack is a primary tool in the hackers arsenal. Many modern manufacturing organizations are storing, relying and absolutely depending on their digital infrastructure as new technologies and software become necessary to conduct their day-to-day operations in today’s business landscape.

New digital technologies are ruling the manufacturing industry. ERP, CRM, IoT, the manufacturing industry is full of acronyms for digital systems that have so much control over the entire organization. These systems have become an integral part of the modern manufacturing facility and it’s vital they are secure and protected. Furthermore, many manufacturers today are finding more and more business online through their websites or other portals. If a DDoS attack is launched and a manufacturer is in the crossfire, their website may end up being shut down for hours. This can have a direct impact on a business’s bottom line. No website will lead to a dramatic fall in traffic. If RFQ’s are located on a site or if there is an E-Commerce aspect to a manufacturer’s website, all those services will be put on hold.


There are ways to increase the security of a businesses private server and/or data. Taking a few small steps and a little bit of knowledge can go a long way to help improve a manufacturer’s cybersecurity.

First, nearly any kind of cyberattack must capitalize on an already infected machine, so naturally the best way to secure a server is to ensure all systems are clean of any unwanted or dangerous files. Bringing in an outside cybersecurity firm, if a manufacturer doesn’t have the IT staff on hand, will be critical to thoroughly clean and inspect a business’s digital assets. This will be an essential first step in securing digital data and systems. Second, make sure passwords are secure. Simple passwords like ‘password123′ are essentially open invitations for a hacker that wishes to do your business harm. Use capital letters, numbers and a combination of other symbols to create a truly secure password that will deter cyber criminals. Additionally, changing passwords regularly can add an additional layer of security to any network, have a look around on sites such as websafetyadvice.com for more information and security tips.

Additional Cyber Security Safety Tips: https://mfgtalkradio.com/cybersecurity-modern-manufacturing-enterprise/

Today’s massive cyberattack shines a light on how critical it is for businesses to protect their digital infrastructure, especially as more manufacturers begin to experiment with the Industrial Internet of Things. Businesses must educate themselves on cybersecurity best practices or at least look into outsourcing their security measures such as looking into Viavi Solutions as just one example, for network monitoring software that can be integrated into a pre-built network. More and more of the modern manufacturing enterprise relies on digital technology and a cyberattack can bring a business to an absolute standstill which can result in a severe hit to a manufacturer’s bottom line. Don’t let your business fall victim to a cyberattack; understand the threats of today to prepare for the digital manufacturing future.