Dyson Revolutionizing Engineering Education

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UK inventor and engineer James Dyson may be most recognizable for the iconic Dyson vacuum, but Sir James Dyson is now taking on a monumental challenge to help close the severe skills gap plaguing the United Kingdom. Set to open his own institute to train engineers, the Dyson Institute of Technology may be able to solve, or at least alleviate the pressure from a growing skill shortage that is weighing heavy on the UK economy. The Dyson Institute will work in partnership with Warwick University and award engineering degrees to 25 students a year. This approach to the skills gap, if successful, may be able to be emulated by manufacturers here in the United States.

The Dyson Institute of Technology is not your ordinary engineering university. Students will actually be paid an annual salary starting at almost $19,000 a year. Not only will they be making money throughout their education process, they are even guaranteed a job with Dyson at the end of their course.

James Dyson was the only prominent engineer that was in favor of Brexit and now he’s rectifying a major issue with the deal, the lack of UK manufacturing talent. By creating a way for students to earn money while they learn an in-demand skill set offers more incentive to become a part of the manufacturing industry.

Dyson is also extremely clever. The lack of manufacturing and engineering talent has weighed on his own company. Having a steady stream of 25 new engineers each year will surely go a long way to help boost his own business.

The Dyson Institute of Technology is scheduled to open in 2017 and will be located on the Dyson Campus in Malmesbury, southwest England which was just recently expanded. James Dyson is also said to be investing $18.8 million into the development of the university over the next five years. So if you’re struggling on deciding where you want to attend for your future education, take into account all the information about the graduate school process.

“Engineering is at the heart of Dyson. The Dyson Institute of Technology will teach the next generation of engineering enthusiasts. It’s for people with a passion for solving problems and fascination for how things work.” A statement taken from Dysoninstitute.com. The university is now taking applications but we won’t be able to see the impact this innovative educational institution will have on the UK engineering workforce for at least a few years.

The university is truly unique in almost every way imaginable. Eliminating the fees for an engineering education and instead offering students a salary is truly an innovative way to attract people to a career in engineering and manufacturing. Furthermore, graduates will have an unprecedented amount of loyalty to the Dyson brand. Not only will they be making a salary while in school, and invited to work at Dyson after graduation, the Dyson Institute of Technology goes another step beyond the standard educational experience. Many college graduates in the US don’t have the necessary work experience to make them an attractive choice to manufacturers. Those that graduate from the Dyson Institute of Technology leave school and are placed directly into the working world as they contribute to one of the most well known manufacturers and engineering institutions in the world. All of these benefits culminate into a future filled with competent and capable engineers with the work experience to help them reach the next stage in their careers.

Dyson is not only revolutionizing the engineering educational experience in the UK, he is also securing a steady stream of 25 engineers for his own business each year. This fact will also ensure that the education offered at the Dyson Institute of Technology will be top notch because Dyson wouldn’t want sub-par engineers working for his company. Depending on the success of this program, this may be a path manufacturers and engineers in the U.S. may want to emulate in the future. The U.S. is struggling with their own skills gap; could Dyson’s innovative university be the answer to this issue?


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James Dyson opening own university to bridge UK engineering skills gap