Episode 356: Using Artificial Intelligence To Detect, Predict and Prevent System Failures

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Today’s Episode

Greta Cutulenco, CEO & Co-Founder of Acerta Analytics Solutions joins Hosts Tim and Lew to talk about how Acerta uses Artificial Intelligence-powered Machine Analytics to get unparalleled insight into system quality and condition in the automotive industry and beyond.

Today's Guest

Greta Cutulenco

Greta Cutulenco is the CEO and co-founder of Acerta, a company that developed a AI platform to detect and predict vehicle failures. In the past, Greta has worked with automotive Tier-1 manufacturers like Magna. She did her Master’s at the University of Waterloo with research focused on anomaly detection and data-driven testing. Greta was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 – manufacturing & industry 2019 list.