Episode 369: Manufacturing Matters – The Financial Outlook for the U.S. Manufacturing Sector and Much More

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Today’s Episode

In this episode Michael Ryan, Associate Director at IHS Markit, discusses the current financial picture as well as the financial outlook for the U.S. manufacturing sector. Mike also compares the financial picture in U.S. manufacturing to that of non-manufacturing. Amidst rising fears of a recession, he assesses the preparedness of US corporate balance sheets for an economic downturn and identifies the industries that would have financial difficulty in a recession. After comparing the U.S. non-financial corporate balance sheet and U.S. manufacturing sector balance sheet to the balance sheets in a range of countries around the world, Mike discusses the global interest rate dynamic.

Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan is Global Industry Economist and Associate Director at IHS Markit

Today’s Guest

Michael Ryan is global industry economist and Associate Director at IHS Markit, based in Washington, D.C. He has an extensive track record working with global manufacturers, of all sizes, and across the broader supply chain, in the development of international investment frameworks, market entry strategies, comprehensive risk assessments, and business unit forecasts.

Michael manages the company’s Sector Risk module, an “Early Warning Radar” to help clients monitor and mitigate credit risk exposure. (whose financial data will form the basis of today’s podcast discussion). It’s a cutting-edge approach in using big-data to spot business cycle turning points based on changes in economic and financial fundamentals, designed to outperform independent credit benchmarks like corporate bankruptcies, yield spreads, and credit default swaps.

Prior to joining IHS Markit, he started his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory, supporting Federal stabilization programs at the onset of the financial crisis. Mr. Ryan holds a BBA in Finance from James Madison University, United States, and he received his Master of Science with Distinction in Banking and International Finance from the University of London’s Cass Business School, United Kingdom. He is a Japanese Kakehashi scholar and served as the 2018 president of the National Economists Club, representing over 500 leading professionals in the Washington, D.C. metro area.