Episode 371: Helping Manufacturers Tell Their Story

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Today’s Episode

Tom Cutler is CEO of T.R. Cutler Inc, a manufacturing journalist who is quite vocal that there are too many manufacturers and companies serving the manufacturing sector that have simply neglected to tell their story. Cutler’s goal is to tell these manufacturing stories in an interesting, dynamic, understandable, and relevant way, so he joins hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady in a discussion to help manufacturers tell their stories.

Today's Guest

TR Cutler
T.R. Cutler

TR Cutler, Inc. was founded by Thomas R. Cutler 20 years ago. Cutler maintains extraordinary relationships with clients, journalists, editors, trendsetters, and key business leaders worldwide and has become a key resource for those writing about the manufacturing sector.

Cutler founded the Manufacturing Media Consortium; this extraordinary group of more than 7000 journalists, editors, economists, and other industrial leaders worldwide writes about trends, data, case studies, profiles, in the manufacturing, industrial, and distribution sectors. Cutler works with thousands of media outlets to expand manufacturing media coverage.