Episode 374: Manufacturing 4.0 with Leading2Lean

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Today’s Episode

Keith Barr is CEO and President of Leading2Lean, a company dedicated to helping manufacturers adapt to new technologies and digital lean methodologies that include the human element in an evolution called Manufacturing 4.0. Listen to learn what hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady uncover in this insightful interview on the future of manufacturing.

Today's Guest

Keith Barr
Guest Keith Barr

After leading a number of organizations through turn-arounds in 20-years with the U.S Air Force, Leading2Lean CEO Keith Barr has had a long career as a leader in the manufacturing technology sector. He believes that manufacturing can only survive by evolving and adapting to new technologies and digital lean methodologies. However, he is also a contrarian that believes that manufacturers too often ignore the human equation. Barr knows
that the most powerful computer on the planet is the human mind.


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