Episode 389: Visual Selling – The Method Of The Future

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Today’s Episode

Visual selling is the method of the future for companies presenting their products to customers. Learn how impactful this is from Chris Beaudin, Director of Marketing for AtlatlSoftware as he explains the benefits to hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady in this informative episode.

Today’s Guest

Chris Beaudin is a veteran of the manufacturing space, with over ten years spent guiding sales, leading brands and devising strategic initiatives. During this time, Chris saw tremendous opportunities to innovate the modern selling experience. From his work with leading retail partners and channel sellers he saw first hand the needs for transformation. With this in mind he joined ATLATL Software seeking to drive this wave of change with a new visual selling strategy. Believing in the power of these new technology’s abilities to impact the buying experience, Chris now focuses his time educating the market on the power of visualization, in bringing products to life digitally, and in accelerating their process through better sales experiences.