Episode 427: Moving Manufacturers From Spreadsheets To Modern Software And DTC

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On This Episode

Kristjan Vilosius is CEO of Katana, a unique software as a service to help manufacturers move from spreadsheets to modern software, and open the new and exciting channel of DTC – Direct to Consumer sales of product. This is a growing trend in manufacturing that hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady have been hearing about in interviews, industry periodicals and events, and it is something you can explore in this episode!

Kristjan Vilosius from Katana
Kristjan Vilosius, Co-founder and CEO, Katana

Our Guest

Katana’s co-founder and CEO, Kristjan Vilosius has held different leadership positions in the corporate world as the group CFO then group CEO of Magnum, a multinational pharmaceutical retailer in Europe. Later he was the CEO of Up Invest family office investing in retail, media, healthcare and cleantech companies. Today he’s the CEO and Product Manager of Katana, a cloud-manufacturing software for small manufacturers.