Episode 439: Debugging and Developing Concepts, Software, and Products

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On This Episode

Eric Faucette and Stuart Faris discuss How Novus Labs helps companies and individuals develop and/or debug the concepts, software, or products through concept analysis, in-depth testing, reworking and eventual proof of concept, software, finished parts, or operable machines. There is more here to hear than you can imagine.


Guest Eric Faucette

Eric Faucette has been a Novus Labs Engineering Lead since 2011, overseeing a diverse ran of projects from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and more. A graduate of both the University of Houston and Portland State University, Eric’s educational and professional career are both steeped in engineering and testing environments. With nearly a decade of testing under his belt, Eric is one of Novus’ most seasoned engineers.

Guest Stuart Faris

Stuart Faris is Novus Labs’ Director of Business Development, and has been winning projects for the team since 2008. With an education and career steeped in business development (as well as a brewery co-foundership!), Stuart has built outstanding business relationships with some of the world’s most popular consumer electronics brands – making him one of Novus Labs’ most valued team members.