Episode 443: Value-added Distributor of Fluid Power, Automation, And Machine Safeguarding Products Airline Hydraulics

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On This Episode

Mark Steffens, CEO of Airline Hydraulics, a value-added distributor of fluid power, automation, and machine safeguarding products from leading manufacturers joins hosts Lew Weiss and Tim to discuss reopening businesses and safeguard systems. Don’t miss this informative episode of Manufacturing Talk Radio.


Mark Steffens, CEO of Airline Hydraulics
Mark Steffens, CEO of Airline Hydraulics

Our Guest

I would consider myself a highly competitive individual, focused on building relationships and developing teams to help our business excel beyond my tenure. Having grown up in the business over the past 25 years I learned many things about distribution and manufacturing, this learning has contributed greatly to my success. Beyond the technical aspect of my learning the greatest learning I’ve had was thru close observation of my father a very successful Doctor, and more importantly humble human being. Being at Airline Hydraulics for the past 25 years has afforded me the opportunity to wear many hats. I started my career in the warehouse and worked thru the shop, inside sales, outside sales, middle management and here I am today the CEO of a world class organization. I don’t consider myself a highly educated person; truthfully I struggled to care much about academics while attending Germantown Academy High School followed up by a 2 year stint at Pensacola Jr College and night school at Villanova. I have learned life lessons much greater than any book may have provided me.  Living with people from all walks of life, struggling to make ends meet, losing grasp on a lifelong dream to be a professional baseball player ( I did play in the minors for the Phillies for 4 years), but most of all understanding that nothing in life is guaranteed nor does it come easily. I take pride in surrounding myself with people smarter than me, and listen to more than just the words someone is speaking. I love this business, and I love the life I have been afforded. With a wife of 25 years and two wonderful daughters I am as Kobe said a “Daughter Dad”, and I love it.