Episode 450: Evidence Based Ergonomics And Human Factors For Successful Solutions

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On This Episode

Sam Bradbury and Mark Heidebrecht, Managing Partners at Ergonomics International discuss information processing and decision making beyond form, fit, and function for people in their workspaces, their interaction with machines, and how to protect them from COVID-19 transmission while at work, and ways employers can mitigate risk.



Our Guests

Sam Bradbury, managing partner of Ergonomics International
Sam Bradbury, Managing Partner of Ergonomics International

Guest Sam Bradbury

Sam Bradbury is a Managing Partner of Ergonomics International. Bradbury is an international speaker and instructor on the topics of functional capacity, ergonomics, human factors, injury reduction, and engineered solutions for improved workplace quality, efficiency, and human error reduction. Expertise includes testing and measuring the physical demands of work as well as return to work testing criteria, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace, the effective implementation of ergonomic risk reduction processes, upper/lower body functional testing, human factors analysis/error reduction, and ergonomic team development. Bradbury is certified by the Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists as a Certified Ergonomist and holds a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Mark Heidebrecht is a managing partner of Ergonomics International
Mark Heidebrecht, Managing Partner of Ergonomics International.

Guest Mark Heidebrecht

Mark Heidebrecht is a Managing Partner of Ergonomics International. He has provided forensic and expert witness services in the areas of biomechanics, human factors, ergonomics, and work physiology. He has testified in over 75 State Court and United States Federal Court cases as an expert witness and presented testimony at the Federal OSHA hearing regarding the National Ergonomic Standard. Heidebrecht has developed and implemented ergonomic programs and processes across North America.