Episode 475: Transforming a 100 Year Old Company

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On This Episode

Tom Lefairve, President & CEO of Anchor Harvey, a 100 year old close die forging company discusses the Industry 4.0 tools the company implemented to learn about themselves and refocus their business resulting in a 300% increase in orders!


Tom Lefaivre
Tom Lefaivre, CEO, Anchor Harvey

Our Guest

As President of Anchor Harvey, Tom Lefaivre is responsible for overseeing all facets of the company and its data-driven aluminum forging business. Having served as the company’s president for over 17 years, Tom has a proven executive management track record and over three decades of experience driving sales and growth in the industry. Prior to joining Anchor Harvey, Tom was President of Cornell Forge, the Chicago-based steel forge company.

At Anchor Harvey, Tom has spearheaded the transformation of the 100-year-old forge shop, evolving the company into its next growth stage with deep integration of advanced technologies, entrance into a worldwide array of new markets, and a redesign of the traditional forge process into a one-piece cellular workflow. Under Tom’s stewardship, Anchor Harvey continues to deliver components of the highest level of quality, holds no debt, and the company has grown its sales by 300% during his tenure.

Tom’s experience and strategic oversight have directly led to two expansions of the Anchor Harvey facility, and a government letter of commendation for the company’s successful navigation of the coronavirus pandemic with its record-breaking performance, workforce expansion, and a more than 25% increase in operations during the period. He holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a JD from the John Marshall Law School.