ExxonMobil Takes On The Manufacturing Skills Gap

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The skills gap has had an impact on nearly every industrial sector as this work falls out of fashion with students and educators. Relying on a 4-year degree in a field outside of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, students often have a hard time finding a career in their field after graduation. However, manufacturers are hiring and many 4-year college degrees are a great segway into the industry but so often these students have steered away from a career in an industrial sector.

ExxonMobil is continuing to combat the misrepresented manufacturing and petrochemical industry by extending the Community College Petrochemical Initiative workforce education program to the fifth year. An additional $200,000 ExxonMobil grant will be used to support training for skilled workers in this expanding industry. The company has already contributed more than $2 million toward training skilled workers and this goes a long way when looking at the manufacturing industry.

This initiative isn’t just to provide ExxonMobil with access to a highly-educated and skilled workforce as they graduate from the more than 35 community colleges across the country. The plan was to increase awareness of the opportunities available throughout these industrial sectors and it seems as though it continues to accomplish its goal. Enrollment in the training programs have continued to grow and it looks as though this is an incredible step in the right direction for ExxonMobil, the students and the industry as a whole. 38 selected students from the 35 community colleges involved with the initiative will receive $45,000 in scholarships to help continue their education in the Petrochemical industry.

Mike Zamora, director of Americas Regional Manufacturing for ExxonMobil Chemical Company some things to say about their program. “The Community College Petrochemical Initiative partnership is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished when employers and educators work together,” He continued, “ As shown by the investments ExxonMobil alone is making as part of our Growing The Gulf Initiative, the chemical industry is rapidly expanding along the Gulf Coast due to abundant supplies of domestically produced natural gas. Encouraging and developing a well-educated and skilled workforce is vital to the industry’s success in meeting a growing global demand for chemical products and continuing economic growth and prosperity in Gulf communities.” http://bit.ly/2wbDGsL

With the industry becoming more advanced by the day, utilizing new technologies and focusing on collaboration, it’s a perfect fit for today’s and the future workforce. Take a look and see why manufacturing is a perfect fit for millennials.

This is all well and good for manufacturers that have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on scholarships, but a smaller business may not have this option. However, it doesn’t mean that SME’s are out of luck when it comes to cultivating the next generation of manufacturers and the industrial workforce. Businesses have options in regard to improving their recruiting efforts in order to attract the millennial workforce. Come take a look at the 3 ways any business can recruit talented millennial manufacturers.