Ford Set to Challenge Tesla and GM with New Electric Pickup

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Across the auto manufacturing industry, companies are preparing to take on Tesla in the all-electric vehicle market. Tesla, known for its all-electric sedans, is also branching out into the truck market with its new Cybertruck pickup model. However, Ford is aiming to set its own offering apart from the rest by sticking closer to its roots.

Earlier in June, Ford announced that they would have all-electric F-150 trucks and Transit vans out by mid-2022. The F-Series of trucks have been the best-selling pickups in America for 43 years and have even been the top-selling vehicle nation-wide for 38 years. Ford sold nearly 900,000 F-Series in 2019, which generated around $42 billion of the company’s $143.6 billion automotive revenue.

However, the release date of mid-2022 means Ford will be releasing their offering months after Tesla’s Cybertruck and GM’s GMC Hummer EV. Both of these models have generated significant buzz and have been marketed as more “lifestyle” vehicles rather than work vehicles. In this, Ford hopes to find their space on the market.

According to Kumar Galhotra, the president of the Americas and International markets at Ford, the all-electric F-150 will be “designed and engineered for hard-working customers that need a truck to do a job.” Galhotra also states that while the trucks will be “very fun to drive”, it was important for Ford to retain the F-150’s reputation as a reliable and effective work truck, even when it goes all-electric.

Additionally, there will be more advantages for drivers of the all-electric F-150 aside from quieter and cleaner driving. Ford has highlighted that the trucks are expected to cost half as much to maintain and operate when compared to current offerings. The company, which is creating 300 jobs and investing $700 million in production costs, is hoping that these new electric choices will help transition them into the electric market.