How NASA’s Space Program Affects Our Daily Lives

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Like that polished brass finish on your bathroom faucet? Thank NASA. How about those LED light bulbs? NASA. The laser barcode scanner at the supermarket? You guessed it. NASA.

All of these and more commonplace technological advancements all stem from developments from the space program. As part of their celebration of their 60 years since the agency’s founding by Congress in 1958, NASA has launched an interactive website that showcases many of the commercial products and services that originated or improved with help from  NASA.

The site, takes users through two sections – Home and City. Each section has an interactive 3D illustration of different place throughout your home, workplace, supermarket and more, with callouts that explain in detail what the technology is, how it was developed and how we use it in our daily lives.

There is even a Manufacturing section that takes us inside a virtual manufacturing facility. Amazing innovations such as duct tape, 3D printing and system health monitors all trace their origins back to NASA. Powdered lubricants save manufacturers millions of dollars through improved efficiency and reduced wear. They were originally developed as part of turbo jet engines where traditional lubricants like oil would not tolerate the high operating temperatures. Even cloud computing, which you are using right now, was originally developed as part of the space program.

So next time you use your modern vacuum cleaner while listening to your wireless headphones, make sure you thank NASA. To learn more, visit