Hyperloop One’s “Metal Works”: Nevada Will Soon Have A New Manufacturer On The Block

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Nevada will soon be home to Hyperloop One’s new manufacturing facility, Metalworks. The 105,000 square-foot facility will house the company’s 170 employees which will include engineers, ,machinists and welders. These individuals will be building and testing components for the DevLoop which is the full-system Hyperloop prototype. Expected to be ready in early 2017, the company has high hopes for this next step of the development phase.

In May of this year Hyperloop One tested a small scale version of the Hyperloop in the Nevada desert. This was their first public test and it performed flawlessly. The 10 foot sled levitated above the high-tech rail system and when powered, the sled reached 116 mph in just over one second.

Hyperloop One explains how their system works in the statement below which is available on their website.

“The system uses electric propulsion to accelerate a passenger or cargo vehicle through a tube in a low pressure environment. The autonomous vehicle levitates slightly above the track and glides at faster-than-airline speeds over long distances. We eliminate direct emissions, noise, delay, weather concerns and pilot error. It’s the next mode of transportation.” bit.ly/1rUcY4o

Once the Metalworks facility opens it will be testing motors and house key equipment and research areas along with a metrology room. It will also have two Flow Waterjet steel cutters working at pressures up to 95,000 PSI. Some of the parts Hyperloop One will be developing at the facility include joints that fit between the Hyperloop tube as well as its supporting columns. The facility will also be producing cradles that will secure and protect the tubes before they are installed.

Some facilities find that using the best bench vise can help to give their workers hands on experience, whilst promoting a safe working environment.

“We are thrilled that Hyperloop One is already expanding its manufacturing footprint in North Las Vegas and bringing highly-skilled jobs to other parts of our community,” said North Las Vegas mayor, John Lee. bit.ly/2aC3HuS

Take a walk through Metalwork with the video below.

[Video Credit: Engineering.Com | bit.ly/2aC3HuS]

Each day brings the U.S. closer to having a revolutionary new transportation method. Cargo and passengers could have another option besides flying to travel the width of the country. Traveling faster than planes, the Hyperloop could lead to a more streamlined and fluid supply chain. It will be incredible to see how this project progresses and its impact on the country once the vision becomes a reality.