Episode 268: Improving Student’s Knowledge of Advanced Manufacturing

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3D Printing in college

Conrad Mercurius, Coordinator of Advanced Manufacturing Tech, joins hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to discuss the programs available at Raritan Valley Community College for students to improve their knowledge of advanced manufacturing, and the participation of employers.

Conrad Mercurius
Guest Conrad Mercurius

Today’s Guest

Conrad Mercurius, Program Coordinator at Raritan Valley Community College

• Develop and maintain course outlines, syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, tests, and other course materials
• Participate in professional development and/or other activities that may include in-services, courses, and/or seminars, to advance instructional and technical skills as well as knowledge within the field of study.
• Participate in community service activities on behalf of the college, to advance the college’s relationships within its service area, as appropriate for department/division.
• Oversee the development and improvement of program curriculum.
• Manage all aspects of the daily operation of the program including but not limited to scheduling; equipment purchasing and maintenance; budget monitoring; inventory of supplies and equipment, writing and maintaining lab policies and procedures.
• Recruit, schedule, orient, and mentor program instructors/faculty.
• Collaborate with instructors, faculty, and staff to conduct advisory board meetings.
• Develop and prepare program/department assessment (internal Academic Program Review and external accreditation) and accreditation material.
• Provide academic leadership and administrative direction for faculty, instructors and students within the program/department.
• Establish, maintain, and monitor departmental policies and procedures that support effective, responsive, high quality education.
• Coordinate laboratory support, i.e. personnel, equipment purchase, ensuring lab labels are correct, and repair
• Develop and implement grants for the department/program as appropriate
• Assist in the recruitment of students. This includes participation in college recruitment activities, i.e. open houses, K-12 partnerships, visit high schools, and industry as appropriate
• Work in collaboration with Institutional Research to ensure ongoing assessment of program outcomes. This may include distribution, collection and analysis of student learning outcomes.