Episode 278: L.E.D.R. – Giving Students A Chance To Explore Their Leadership Skills And Connect With Peers

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Host Lew Weiss on location at Camp Winnebago in Rockaway New Jersey. Lew joins NJMEP CEO John Kennedy for interviews with students attending the Leadership Excellence – Direct Results (L.E.D.R.) program, which Mr. Kennedy has sponsored for the past 7 years. L.E.D.R. is a week-long retreat designed to give students a chance to explore their leadership skills, to connect with peers, and to learn how to get involved in their community. Students conduct interviews with professionals in a variety of fields, getting valuable career advice. A few of the attendees took time to speak with Lew about their career goals and their experiences with the L.E.D.R. program.

Check out this special on-location video interview only right here on Manufacturing Talk Radio.