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Weekly Wrap Up For August 7th, 2020

Institute for Supply Management®’s Report On Business® Series for July 2020. Hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady welcome Chair, Tim Fiore for a closer look at the factors that went into the Manufacturing Report On Business and this month’s PMI. Don’t miss this in-depth, exclusive interview available only on Manufacturing Talk Radio. The Trophy of American […]


Ford Beats Earning Expectations Despite Factory Closings

Automakers such as Ford have been struggling ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began. While at first there were disruptions to supply chains, the company also saw the closing of many of its factories due to the pandemic. Despite these setbacks and potential future ones, the company beat both Wall Street and their own expectations with […]

oil prices drop

Major Oil Producers Report Negative Second Quarter Results

The oil industry is one of the many different industries which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. A reduction in travel demand, along with production disputes between OPEC and Russia earlier in the year meant there was a massive supply of oil with effectively no demand. While things have begun to stabilize elsewhere, […]

Crew Dragon

The Trophy of American Manufacturing: The Dragon Returns

The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico provided a soft landing spot for the return of the Crew Dragon capsule. Suspended below four massive parachutes, the capsule looked a bit scorched after reaching a surface temperature of over 3,500 degrees. Surrounded by rescue watercraft, the capsule gently splashed down at 2:48 PM ET yesterday, […]

Tesla Batteries

Tesla Officially Announces New “GigaTexas” Factory

For months, there’s been a good bit of speculation on where Tesla would choose to build their newest Gigafactory production plant. While many believed Texas would be the new spot, Tesla remained relatively dismissive of these rumors. However, their recent announcement shows that these rumors seem to have been correct after all. On Wednesday, the […]

Travel Industry decline

Struggling Airline CEOs Warn Recovery Hinges On COVID Vaccine

It’s been no surprise that the air travel industry has been struggling since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Many companies have lowered prices, canceled flights, and furloughed employees in an attempt to drum up interest and save on costs. Now, the executives are warning that the industry’s recovery depends on the development of a COVID vaccine. […]

Car Sales drop

Rising COVID Cases Threaten Auto Industry Rebound

With many states entering re-opening phases following COVID lockdowns, the auto industry was beginning to get back on track. Most major manufacturers were on a path to resume normal, pre-COVID shift levels and begin producing new cars at a steady rate. However, this new rebound may be in jeopardy as it seems like a second […]

Weekly Wrap Up For July 24th, 2020

In this episode of ‘Cliff Notes on the Global Manufacturing Picture’, host Cliff Waldman reviews the latest data on retail sales and industrial production as well as the latest report on U.S. manufacturing from the Institute for Supply Management.  Cliff discusses the uncertainties that can derail the embryonic U.S. manufacturing recovery including a resurgence of […]

Fiat Chrysler

Fiat Chrysler, PSA Group Announced New Post-Merger Name

American automaker Fiat Chrysler and French automaker PSA Group have since late last year been planning out their anticipated merger. While the COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat delayed their plans, the groups are now looking forwards following the announcement of their new, post-merger name. On Wednesday, the two companies announced that their new company name will […]


Wyebot Announces Support for WiFi 6 and New Security Features

Added WiFi 6 Capabilities and Detailed AP Classification Establish New Industry Standard in WiFi Automation Marlborough, MA – July 21, 2020 – Wyebot, the leader in AI-driven WiFi automation, today announced exciting new features to its award-winning, patented Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP). With Version 3.0, WIP expands its security features and enhances user experience with […]


U.S. Industrial Output Continues to Rise Despite Virus

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, countries have had to temporarily limit or completely shutter parts of their economies. While this has led to expected drops, the ongoing reopening processes have some optimism for a rebound. Recent data from the Federal Reserve could point to this optimism becoming a reality. According to recently released data, […]

Weekly Wrap Up For July 17th, 2020

EosLift USA Corporation provides intelligent storage and retrieval systems for warehouse and distribution systems with robot-centric solutions and automation. This technology allows for more efficient placement and retrieval of boxes, cases, pallets and other stored forms of products on the shelf in warehouses and distribution centers. E-Commerce Boom Means Warehouses May Be In High Demand […]

Breaking News from ISM

Institute for Supply Management® Expands Portfolio of Economic Reports with Launch of Hospital PMI™

ISM® Introduces Hospital PMI™ and Renames Non-Manufacturing Index (NMI®) as Services PMI™ TEMPE, Ariz. (July 15, 2020) – The Institute for Supply Management® announced the launch of its first vertical ISM® Report On Business® in a critical services sector: hospitals. The Hospital PMI™ is the first report of its kind, delving into areas that specifically […]

Rivan Truck

Rivian Raises $2.5 Billion In Bid To Build All-Electric Pickup

While other automakers have been struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tesla has fared quite well, seeing a less than 5% decrease in second-quarter sales. This result helped cause their shares to shoot up past $1,200 last week. However, the company’s rivals are now trying to respond in force. Last month, startup Nikola Motor Co. […]


E-Commerce Boom Means Warehouses May Be In High Demand In Upcoming Years

Online shopping was already a massively popular choice for Americans compared to traditional in-person shopping. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down many of these in-person storefronts, shoppers were left to turn to online options for their needs. This has created a huge boost to the already-growing e-commerce sector. In fact, according to commercial real […]


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