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Lithium Market Is On The Rise As Demand For Electric Vehicles Grows

A report released by Global Market Research Inc. indicated that the global market for lithium ion battery products is likely to exceed $60 billion by the year 2024. The increase in the demand for rechargeable lithium ion batteries is largely due to the rising usage of rechargeable consumer electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and […]


Weekly Wrap Up for March 16th, 2018

Guest Jennifer Hagan-Dier, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Director at the University of Tennessee explains how MEP’s support manufacturers “from the front door to the back door, the C-suite to the plant floor”. Host Lew Weiss gets all the details important to any manufacturer. Here Are Some of This Week’s Top Manufacturing Stories The U.S. Trade […]

737 Max 8

Boeing Sets Guinness Record for the most-produced commercial jet aircraft

An official for Guinness World Records, Michael Empric confirmed that Boeing had set a world record in the aerospace sector for manufacturing the largest number of commercially used jet airplanes of a particular model after Boeing announced that it had completed the production of the 10,000th 737 model aircraft in March 2018. The Guinness official […]


DMDII Launches Cyber Hub for Manufacturing

CHICAGO (March 12, 2018) – The Digital Manufacturing Design and Innovation Institute (DMDII) announced today the launch of a “Cyber Hub for Manufacturing” with $750,000 in seed funding from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). The hub will serve as a testbed for the creation and adoption of new cybersecurity technologies to secure manufacturing shop […]

Uber Freight

Uber Freight Shows Their Self-Driving Truck in Arizona

Driving a truck is a tedious task, and industry experts agree that there is a shortage of truck drivers in the United States. So when Uber Freight announced that it is already operating its self-driving truck in Arizona on public highways it was noted by the freight and logistics industry as well as stakeholders in […]

Trade deficit

The U.S. Trade Deficit Rose in January to the Highest Level Since 2008

One of major promises which the United States president Donald Trump made when he was elected president was that he would reduce the country’s trade deficit with other countries. However, the data released by the United States commerce department shows that the US trade deficit in January 2018 has reached the highest monthly level since […]


The Impact of Inflation: Inventory and Capital Planning

Understanding inflation is vital to managing your financial and material resources.  Inflation directly impacts financial decision making and cash flows because interest rates are directly affected by inflation.  Inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising. The first phase of inflation is expansion, that’s when growth […]

STEm Education

How 3D Printing Education in Schools is Closing the Skills Gap

One of the reasons certain countries around the world are leaders in technology is because of the focus on STEM education and understanding how skills in engineering, mathematics, science and technology are important for innovation and growth of businesses and the economy. Internet usage changed the way students are taught worldwide with educators ensuring that […]

GE Wind Turbine

World’s Most Powerful Wind Turbine Haliade-X from General Electric

Wind power is one of most attractive sources of renewable energy and General Electric Renewable Energy is one of the leading companies in the renewable energy sector, providing wind, solar, and hydro power generation services. GE Renewable Energy recently announced the launch of what it claims is the most powerful Wind Turbine in the world: […]

MFG Growing in US

US Factories Growing at the Fastest Pace in Nearly 14 Years

Factory data shows that United States manufacturing has grown at the fastest rate in 14 years in February 2018, indicating a boom in the economy. The trade group, Institute for Supply Management (“ISM”) which surveys purchase managers in factories and the manufacturing sector has indicated that the manufacturing index for February 2018 has increased to […]


Trump On Trade: “Trade Wars Are Good”, But For Who?

President Donald Trump continues to stand by his decision to implement tariffs on steel and aluminum goods. The proposed measure would put a 25% tariff on imported steel and 10% on aluminum products. Currently, the U.S. imports around four times as much steel as it exports and this supply network is connected to more than […]


Latest ISM Report Shows U.S. Manufacturing Expanding at Rate Not Seen Since 2004

U.S. factory numbers rose at their fastest rate in February since May of 2004. This is an indicator of sustained strength in the manufacturing industry as demand rises higher. This information comes from data found in the most recent Institute for Supply Chain Management Report. Highlights Factory index climbed to 60.8 (est. 58.7) from 59.1 […]


New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program to hold Second Annual NJ State-of-the-State Manufacturing Event

Cedar Knolls, New Jersey – March 1, 2018 – New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) announced that it is holding its second annual NJ State-of-the-State Manufacturing event to be attended by New Jersey’s leading manufacturing business executives, STEM Firms and elected state officials. The NJ State-of-the-State Manufacturing Event will be held in two locations: in […]


4 Reasons To Consider A Career In Manufacturing

Manufacturing might conjure up images of a dimly lit factory covered in a layer of dust as overworked employees handle dangerous equipment and machines. However, the public may not be aware of how far the industry has come. Manufacturers are investing in the latest technology and focusing on the needs of their employers to not […]


Volkswagen Group Develops System to Make Industrial Robots Safer

The Volkswagen group developed an ingenious solution to create safer manufacturing facilities. The company released information on a system that allows humans to work with robots without a safety barrier between the human and the machine. This was made possible with the help of a laser safety scanner which can reliably detect any movements of […]



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