Episode 88: Lean Manufacturing followed by Purchasing Managers Index Reports

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Join Christian Koestler, Vice President of Operations for STIHL, Inc., and Michael Daly, Director of Operations for Hypertherm, as they discuss lean manufacturing and eliminating waste and overburdened systems from your manufacturing processes with hosts Tim Grady and Lew Weiss.  Then stay on as Norbert Orr, Director and Head of Industry Surveys for Strategas Research Partners and the former Chair of the Institute of Supply Managment’s Manufacturing Business Survey Committee provides comparative commentary on 18 Purchasing Managers Index reports that are compiled worldwide and find out how and why they’re performing as they are.

Contact Norbert Ore at nore@strategasrp.com to participate in the Strategas Leading Indicator of Manufacturing survey. Participants also get a monthly summary of the 18 global surveys plus the scattergram of where these various economies stand in comparison to one another.