Looking Back At Manufacturing In 2016

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Every year the manufacturing industry takes impressive strides toward the future. Advancing technology and incredible developments, the industry is a critical part of the economy and is constantly evolving. 2016 was a big year for this vital industry and it warrants a look back to see how much the industry has expanded and the progress that was made. Below we will dive into some key topics that have impacted manufacturing in 2016.

Government Policy

Unfortunately this year wasn’t too bright in regard to the government helping to expand or improve the manufacturing industry. The Export-Import Bank is still only partially functioning and this has had a negative impact on job growth. Leading manufacturing employers like Boeing and GE have moved some operations offshore to find foreign Export Credit Agencies that will assist in securing credit. These huge manufacturers shutting down American operations to find assistance elsewhere also took with it a large amount of manufacturing jobs from around the nation. The Ex-Im Bank can only approve loans up to $10 million and this has seriously hindered its effectiveness.

What is Still Holding The Export-Import Bank Back

There is a relatively new concern for US government and manufacturers and the government has taken some action to raise awareness. Cybersecurity is a becoming a serious problem as technologies continue to advance and governments and businesses become more digitally connected. The Department of Homeland Security has dubbed October ‘National Cyber Security Awareness Month’ to shine a light on this growing issue. However as of now there has been no major moves to improve cybersecurity platforms across the board. The cyber attack that took down large portions of the US internet ironically took place in October, this was a testament to the importance of the all too important issue.

DDoS Attack Hits The Eastern US: Why Manufacturers Should Be Paying Attention

Education & Public Perception

The manufacturing industry as a whole continues to push the new image of modern manufacturing to the public. Educational programs aimed at students, parents and educators are becoming much more common and it seems as though the public is beginning to understand not only how important the industry is, but how much it has to offer. Manufacturing Day 2016 was a huge success and this amazing initiative continues to become more popular each year. Manufacturing Talk Radio was lucky enough to attend NJMEP’s MFGDay 2016 event which took place in Somerset, New Jersey on Friday October 7th. Students, manufacturers and government officials from around new jersey all attended and this was only one event of thousands that took place all across the United States.

To learn more about our time at NJMEP’s MFG Day 2016 and to learn more about this incredible event, take a look at the article below:

NJMEP’s Manufacturing Day Event With Manufacturing Talk Radio

For More Manufacturing Education Information: Take a look here: Dyson Revolutionizing Engineering Education

Manufacturing Technology

It is nearly impossible to speak about manufacturing without discussing all of the incredible technological advancements that the industry continues to  make. From 3D printing to Virtual and Augmented Reality, technology is paving the way toward a more efficient and profitable manufacturing industry.

3D printing is one of these technologies that has come so far and in such a short period of time manufacturers are struggling to grasp how it can impact their business. Augmented reality systems are still very costly but organizations like NASA are already using AR systems to help in the development of new rovers. Microsoft has developed the Microsoft HoloLense which is a fantastic first step toward manufacturers being able to benefit from these systems on a large scale. There has also been incredible advancements in exoskeleton technology to help  reduce the physical impact on employee’s bodies from working in an industrial setting. To find  more about these advancements, check the links below!

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