Manufacturing Embraces The IIoT Transformation At A Rapid Rate

The manufacturing industry as a whole looks like it is ready to embrace the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Cybersecurity concerns, misinformation and a whole host of other factors played a large role in its slow adoption but recent studies point to a big boom in manufacturers utilizing the IIoT. BSQUARE, a software and technology provider released their findings on the implementation of the IIoT in today’s manufacturing industry.

These findings indicate that 44% of manufacturers have been using the IIoT for 12 months or more and 33% have established an IIoT solution in the past 12 months. 77% of manufacturers have an IIoT solution in place today. A majority of manufacturers are now actively embracing this incredible trend.

Manufacturing is an industry that is highly automated, connected and reliant on digital systems which make implementing IIoT solutions a necessity. Connectivity has never been so important in these industrial sectors and the rapid rate in which companies are working on adopting the IIoT is proof of this.

Out of the 23% of businesses that are not currently utilizing the IIoT, 20% plan to implement an IIoT solution this year. This only leaves around 3% of manufacturers that will not be embracing this technological advancement by the year 2018. This fact further strengthens the argument that the IIoT has become a necessity in the modern business landscape. If a business refuses to grow and advance, the 3% that refuse to embrace the transforming industry will find it nearly impossible to keep up with the value the IIoT enabled competition can offer customers.

Making the switch and upgrading to an IIoT manufacturing enterprise isn’t just about showing the world a business is tech-savvy, there are real-world benefits. 84% of these businesses consider the IIoT solutions they’ve implemented to be extremely effective. When an entire manufacturing operation can be connected and communicate in real-time, unbelievable opportunities begin to present themselves.

A few years ago when the concept of the IIoT was still very much new to the manufacturing world, people were skeptical and for good reason. Connecting a manufacturing enterprise on a grand scale is intimidating. Businesses were worried about this trend would fading away and being left with a bunch of unsupported technology after making a hefty investment. Furthermore, utilizing the cloud, which 76% of respondents stated was their preferred way to handle IIoT solutions causes cybersecurity concerns as well. However, as the IIoT continued to mature and the benefits became harder to ignore, manufacturers are now ready to take full advantage of the capabilities it can provide.

The future looks bright for manufacturing and the rapid rate in which businesses are adopting the IIoT could mean even bigger things for the industry’s future. Manufacturing Talk Radio will continue to watch these developments closely so be sure to check back for more. For a look at results of the study, BSQUARE and published an infographic on the data.

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