Manufacturing New Years’ Resolutions

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Things to Evaluate on your Shop Floor for the New Year

We won’t judge you if you don’t have a few New Years’ Resolutions. We get it. How many times have you said you would hike once a month and it never happened? However, why not make some serious New Years’ Resolutions for your shop floor?

Here are the Top 3 issues you may have tried to address in your personal life that we feel can be applied to your business. Shop Floor Automations (SFA) suggests you evaluate and address these goals for 2018:

Be More Active

Are you having issues with downtime on your machines? Just as you would love to be more physically active, wouldn’t it also be great to see your utilization levels rise? If you incorporate machine data collection with our machine monitoring solutions, you can achieve a better rate of OEE and get the most use out of your machines. You would be surprised at the untapped potential with the equipment you already have. You can also integrate DNC software on your shop floor to help speed up your file transfer to your legacy machines with wireless while securely sending to your network CNCs.

Lose Some Weight

While we think you look great, we do feel that all that bulky paperwork in your shop has got to go. You can go paperless with a Product Data Management system (PDM) to organize documents and assist with traceability. How about that old media on your shop floor, such as floppy disks and the inferior cabling strung to your machines? Replacing old hardware and going paperless makes for better productivity and less time/money spent on seeking out old resources.

Trust People More

Do you find yourself questioning if people are being truthful with you? While we can’t help you with your friend who always cancels plans, we can help you trust your machinists more. If you have had equipment issues or productivity problems, give your machinists a voice by giving them the tool of machine data collection. This will allow them to show you data in an easy-to-understand format regarding what is really going on with equipment. Job scheduling is another tool to match with this solution, as you can see jobs in a graphical format and realize how delivery dates are effected if you move or add jobs to your schedule.

If you take the time to address these three issues on your shop floor, you should expect better productivity and more pride in your work. Who knows? Being happier at your job in 2018 will likely spill over into all other aspects of your life!

About SFA: Shop Floor Automations is a manufacturing integrator and will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in Spring of 2018. We are on social media on Twitter @SFA_inc, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram under our company name. Call for more info at (877) 611-5825 or Email