MFG Day One Month Away

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There’s less than a month left until MFG Day and manufacturers all over are starting to get excited about this tremendous manufacturing holiday. On October 2nd 2015 manufacturers will be hosting events to create excitement about the manufacturing industry and educate younger generations about the career opportunities manufacturing has to offer. This is an extremely important day where manufacturers can show off their new updated facilities and begin to change the public perception of the industry. The industry has a stigma associated with it and people see it is a dangerous and unrewarding career path. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and MFG Day is the first step in educating the public about how much this industry has grown.

Manufacturing day began in 2012 and since then interest has grown and the importance of MFG Day has been realized. This is a day where manufacturers can educate the public about the high-skilled careers available in what has now become a highly advanced field. New technologies are transforming the way manufacturers conduct business and this presents a way for manufacturers to close the worsening skills gap plaguing the industry. As baby boomers continue to retire more and more employment opportunities open up with no one there to take their place. The skills gap is projected to cause 2 million of the 3 1/2 million manufacturing jobs available to go unfilled in the next decade(1). MFG Day has the potential to reverse this worsening trend. By educating the public and changing their perception of the industry, MFG Day helps to create excitement about the vast array of career opportunities that are available.

If the skills gap continues to worsen and no steps are taken to fill these empty positions the manufacturing industry as well as the economy will begin to suffer. The manufacturing sector is responsible for roughly 12% of the U.S. GDP and without the necessary skilled workforce this number has the potential to fall (1). Manufacturers are wrestling with the old perception of the industry. By bringing students into the manufacturing facilities of today, they will start to see and understand manufacturing is no longer the repetitive and dangerous occupation it once was. Education is the key factor here. People don’t see the new processes and technologies manufacturers are using in their businesses, and by exposing them to the new world of manufacturing, it might just change a person mind. This is the power of MFG Day and why it is extremely important to get involved and support manufacturers in their quest to educate the public about the industry. Technology is a huge influence in younger generations’ lives and any career that utilizes technology creates excitement.

There are so many ways to create a MFG Day event for your manufacturing company. Plant tours, manufacturing community events and expos, job fairs, education fairs, celebrations of the manufacturing community and so much more. Helping to shed a positive light on the manufacturing industry is the entire spirit of MFG Day. There are so many ways to get your community involved and understanding where the next generation of potential manufacturers congregate is the best way to recruit this new manufacturing work force. Community colleges and high schools offer a great pool of potential talent. Just waiting to be educated about the amazing career opportunities that await them in the manufacturing industry. Partnering up with these schools will be a valued addition to the manufacturing community. Understanding what this new generation of workers are looking for in a career is extremely important. Help show how a career in manufacturing can be fulfilling and interesting. Explain the importance of the industry, let them see the facility in action and how technology plays a role in your business.

Manufacturing Day is an amazing event for the entire manufacturing community. Providing education about the new processes and technology involved about manufacturing is the key to closing the skills gap throughout the industry. With the negative connotation that is associated with the manufacturing industry, MFG Day is helping to change this perception and doing its part to represent manufacturing in a better light. Without this event, the skills gap could continue to widen and further hurt the industry and the economy.

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