MFG Talk Radio At The 2015 Woman in Manufacturing Summit

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Tim & Lew, hosts of Manufacturing Talk Radio were in Minneapolis, MN at the Women in Manufacturing 2015 summit, conducting interviews with Genn Marshall, Allison Grealis, Haley Stevens. Mary Ann Pacelli and other luminaries in manufacturing. The WiM organization, as well as their annual summit is vital for the future of the manufacturing industry. There is a severe lack of women that are part of the manufacturing community and WiM is doing their part to empower the women within the industry. Also, by having these event’s and an organization filled will role models, the industry becomes more inviting for women trying to pursue a career in manufacturing.


Glen Marshall will be the first interview of the day. He is a valued member of the manufacturing community and has set out on a mission to help promote manufacturing as a desirable career choice. Glenn serves as the chair of strategic planning team for the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) that is a leading force behind the promotion of manufacturing careers. We are very excited to hear what he will have to say at the WiM Summit.

Allison Grealis, Founder & Executive Director of Women in Manufacturing and a past guest on MFG Talk Radio. She is also Vice President of Membership and Association Services for the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA). Allison is a perfect example of a powerful and successful women in the manufacturing industry and is the embodiment of what WiM stands for.

Haley Stevens sat down with Tim & Lew. As Associate Director of Workforce Development, Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute she will have a keen insight into the development of the future manufacturing workforce. In her current position, Haley coordinates and develops regional and national programs to support the training and education of the current and future workforce in digital manufacturing technologies and processes. This will be an exciting topic and we are very interested to hear her thoughts on the future manufacturing workforce.

Later in the day we spoke with Mary Ann Pacelli. Mary Ann has been working in the industry for over 25 years and has been an important asset in all the organizations and businesses she has been a part of. She has served numerous manufacturing companies and assesses their needs then designing and delivering customized programs to improve employee performance. She has a variety of roles and works with many organizations, some of which include Manager, Workforce Development, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We are looking forward to speaking with such an experienced and knowledgeable individual that knows so much about the manufacturing industry.

These women are only a small portion of the 300 that are expected to attend this years’ WiM 2015 Summit this year. We hope to gain a better understanding of the challenges women face in the industry but also see how these powerful women have persevered. It is impressive to see how passionate these individuals are about their industry and the steps they are taking to ensure all women feel welcomed in the manufacturing community. All these interviews will be up on soon and hope you all enjoy listening as much as we appreciate this amazing origination.