New 3D Printing “Manufacturing Innovation Center” To Open In Maryland

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The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) announced plans to open a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing innovation center in Hartford County, Maryland. The new facility will focus on developing next-generation breakthroughs in additive manufacturing materials and processes for automotive, aerospace, medical and military applications. Working with the Army Research Laboratory, the Army’s corporate laboratory, NCMS will conduct research into providing new, innovative materials and devices “…to achieve lasting strategic land power dominance.” according to the NCMS website.

“As a proven leader in advanced technology innovation development, NCMS has the unique ability to engage and work with a wide variety of partners while finding the critical infrastructure, talent, and investment for successful program and project management,” said NCMS president, Rick Jarman. “We believe Aberdeen, Maryland is the place where these vital innovation ingredients come together and are key to the new industrial revolution.”

NCMS is confident that the new facility will yield significant breakthroughs in metallurgy and plastics in 3D printing through the industrial manufacturing sector. The research will focus on pushing additive manufacturing into the future by developing large-scale additive manufacturing, rapid part production as well as overall cost reduction.

The new facility is the result of not only bipartisan support within the federal government but also between the government, academia, and industry. Founding members of pioneers in additive manufacturing Applied Materials and 3D Systems worked closely with the State of Maryland, the Maryland Department of Commerce and officials from Hartford County to bring the project to life. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to partner with key government and industry leaders such as Applied Materials to drive innovation and U.S. competitiveness,” said Neal Orringer, Vice President, alliances & partnerships at 3D Systems. The cooperation and support is a strong indicator that there is an understanding of how important it is that the U.S. not be left behind in this vital area of manufacturing technology.


NCMS Investing in Additive Manufacturing: NCMS to Open New Manufacturing Center in Maryland