New Jersey Manufacturers Collaborate To Accelerate Apprenticeship Programs

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There’s a talent crisis taking place all throughout the manufacturing industry, affecting nearly every industrial sector in the United States. Manufacturers and educational institutions are coming together in order to find a solution. On August 23rd, 2017, Manufacturing Talk Radio was lucky enough to attend one of these events aimed at improving education and furthering apprenticeship programs throughout the state of New Jersey. The ManufactureNJ Apprenticeship Accelerator Program brought together manufacturers from all around the state to discuss concerns about these programs and share information on already successful apprenticeship programs.

Manufacturers met at NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology) in Newark, NJ. ManufactureNJ, NJIT, New Jersey Career Connections, NJ MechaFORCE, FFF Enterprises, NJMEP and of course Manufacturing Talk Radio are just some of the organization which took part. The Keynote speeches offered valuable information to help put misconceptions about developing an apprenticeship program to rest. Manufacturers had a chance to learn exactly what it takes to create their own apprenticeship programs at their facilities.

For a manufacturer, undertaking an apprenticeship initiative can be a daunting task. Being unsure about what support is available or how to take the first step to creating their own program can hold a manufacturer back from taking the leap. Hearing from manufacturers with active apprenticeship programs and government officials about the help available can go a long way in jump starting new initiatives across the state and even throughout the nation.

The manufacturers that attended this event came in all different sizes and it showed that any business, with the right guidance, can develop their own program. Hearing from these business leaders helped break down bureaucratic rhetoric and turn it into insightful conversation. Discovering the rewards these manufacturers were able to reap from their own apprentices helped to show the power these programs hold, not only for the businesses but for the students and young adults who take part.

Understanding just how important apprenticeship programs are to the manufacturing industry as a whole can go a long way in addressing the talent shortage plaguing the industry. ManufactureNJ Apprenticeship Accelerator Program offered incredible insight into developing a unique and practical apprenticeship program and provided the information necessary to hit the ground running.

Below are the interviews from our time at NJIT. Be sure to check back for the Keynote speeches as they will be added throughout the week. MFG Talk Radio would like to thank ManufactureNJ, NJIT and all those who took part in the Apprenticeship Accelerator Program for doing their part to ensure that U.S. manufacturing has a capable workforce well into the future.