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The modern manufacturing industry is an entirely different entity from what it was just a few years ago. Emerging technology, new processes and a completely new business landscape forced businesses to redefine their strategies and take a closer look at the workforce. The complexities of modern manufacturing demand new skills to maintain a business’ competitive advantage. Since the transformation of the manufacturing industry, companies have had to face the incredibly difficult challenge of finding qualified individuals to take the place of retiring baby boomers. Education has been critical to addressing these shortcomings and Penn College of Technology is facing this challenge head on.

A new program being offered at the school combines welding and machining into one comprehensive field of study. Utilizing the latest best practices, students learn how to work and handle themselves in a modern manufacturing environment. Educators realized that students in either a welding program or machining program wanted to learn about the other aspect of the industry. Machining students wanted to learn to weld and welding students wanted to learn how to machine. By creating this new program the institution is cultivating well-rounded and capable manufacturing professions.

The video below offers some additional insight into what makes this program so incredibly important for today’s modern manufacturing industry.

Courses include Mill Applications; Lathe Applications; Information, Technology, and Society; College Algebra and Trigonometry I; Sheet Metal Forming & Fabrication. These classes are just for the first semester, too. As students progress they begin to take classes such as CNC programming and Machining; Gas Tungsten Arc I and even have the option to take a field experience course for an elective. For a full look at the classes that make up this modern field of study, take a look at the official Penn College of Technology list, here.

The industry is evolving and this means education needs to keep up as well. Without having educated and qualified individuals joining the manufacturing talent pool, the industry will be stuck in its current crises. Penn College of Technology and other educational institutions that are embracing this model are doing the industry and the world as a whole an incredible service. These students will be well prepared for a career in the modern manufacturing industry and that will benefit all of those involved.

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