Pre-records for 7-19

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Show breakdown:

Intro and recap (live)

Adlestien interview (pre-record)

Commercials (pre-record)

Moutray interview (pre-record)

Wrap up (live)

Here are the 2 pre-recorded interviews:

Mike Adlestien – Potomic Photonics Runtime 29:52

Please listen to the beginning and end of this recording so we can establish a way to transition form live to pre-record.

At the end of the Adlestien interview, we go to commercial. After commercials, we go right into the next pre-recorded interview.

Chad Moutray – Runtime 17:49

After the Moutray interview we come back live.

Please listen to the beginning and end of these interviews so you know when to break for pre-record and when to come back in live.