Rockwell Automation TechED 2017: Manufacturing Education

Rockwell Automation kicked off their TechED 2017 event this Sunday and this week-long training experience plays an important role as the manufacturing industry continues to advance. The Rockwell Automation TechED event trains end-users, system integrators, distributors, partners, machine builders and even Rockwell Automation’s own technical and sales staff on the latest products and technology solutions available. The classroom environment and expert advisors help business leaders and software users gain a deep understanding how the Integrated Architecture system enables companies to get ahead in the competitive business landscape.

This is the only multi-day event of its kind and industry professionals can learn, explore and develop new techniques to spur innovation. The training offered at this week long event can help businesses optimize production data, increase yield, reduce energy costs, build secure networks with both beginner and advanced training sessions. Manufacturers are quickly adopting new systems and realizing that training is a necessity when it comes to these new technologies. Event’s like Rockwell’s are an important aspect of the modern industry as even more new systems and technologies are expected to become more prevalent in the future.

Offering a venue for individuals to get hands on with the latest Rockwell Automation products and technology can go a long way when it comes to upgrading a manufacturing facility. If businesses are already using these technologies, having a place to collaborate with other business leaders that use the same products can have a tremendous impact on their processes. Often, modern systems can be used in a slightly different way which may result in higher efficiency. If users can all meet and discuss the latest strategies and training techniques, there’s no telling how productive these technologies can be for the companies using Rockwell systems.

Rockwell Automation TechED is offering over 170 sessions throughout the entire week. Their goal is to provide each attendee the opportunity to get a hands-on experience with these important digital systems. Hosting events that reach both beginner and advanced users ensures that everyone that can benefit, has the opportunity to learn something new about Rockwell Automation technology.

With the modern manufacturing industry relying on digital technologies more than ever before, these events will play a critical role in helping the industry progress. As more technology providers begin developing digital systems for the modern manufacturer, these type of events may become more popular. Manufacturers have a lot to learn about all these technologies and keeping up can be a challenge. Investing time to attend events like Rockwell Automation TechED 2017 could be a great way to get a leg up on the competition and even lead to a smoother running manufacturing operation.

For more information on Rockwell Automation TechED 2017, take a look at their scheduled events.