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Royce Lowe

S7-E21: Two (2) Key Reports on Manufacturing and Economic Activity Outside the U.S.

Each month, Manufacturing Talk Radio presents an update on manufacturing and economic activity in the E.U., U.K. and Asia with its correspondents from France and China. Join hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady as they discuss the economic and manufacturing activity with Senior International Correspondents Royce Lowe from France and Chong Wang from China.

S7-E16: Economic ViewPoint: 3 Continents, 28 Countries, Manufacturing Economies

Learn what is happening in manufacturing from East to West, across 3 continents and 28 countries, from China through the U.S., past the UK and into the EU. Is the global manufacturing economy going to sputter on for months, pick up or peter out? With some signs of weakness and other signs of strength, it is difficult to plan and confusing to comprehend. Tune in as Manufacturing Talk Radio show hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady either add to the confusion or clear the air in discussions with Chad Moutray, Chief Economist from NAM, and Senior Correspondents Chong Wang from China and Royce Lowe from Europe.