Episode 284: Rust, Rough, Peeling, Chipped, or Obsolete Surface Coatings Removed with Industrial Abrasives

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US Minerals

Listen Now – Mike Johnston, president of US Minerals joins cohosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to discuss the kinds and uses of the abrasives manufactured by US Minerals, which include sand, coal slag, garnet, crushed glass, aluminum oxide, walnut shells, steel grit and steel shot that quickly and cost effectively remove rust, coatings and imperfections.  Mike discusses some of the normal uses of these industrial abrasives as well as some of the unusual ones.  He also discusses logistics because these materials before use have significant weight in bulk, so the distance from the work site has to be figured into the cost.  Thus, US Minerals is strategically expanding to reduce the distance from shipping point to end use point.  Learn more when you listen to this intriguing episode on industrial abrasives.