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Save Dandelion Yellow

Crayola, the manufacturer of those colorful crayons children across the country count on for creativity has announced the retirement tour of Dandelion Yellow, a color near and dear to Manufacturing Talk Radio. “Our brand has a solid foundation in the color Dandelion Yellow as viewers can see from our signature jackets, and this retirement announcement hit us completely out of the blue,” said Founder and Media President, Lewis Weiss.  “This feels like a black eye to our brand.”

“Although Dandelion Yellow will be given a 4-6 week retirement tour, we cannot just sit idly by coloring between the lines and hoping for the best. So we are encouraging Crayola aficionados to let their voice be heard through our online petition to coax Dandelion Yellow back into service through a long-term contract with Crayola,” Weiss said.  “How will children across America interested in manufacturing color in our jackets or logo without Dandelion Yellow,” he concluded.

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