SpaceX’s Reusable Falcon 9: One Giant Leap For Mankind

Some are calling it the next “Wright Brothers moment”, other’s are excited about the money it will save, but one thing is for sure Elon Musk is betting big with SpaceX’s reusable rocket. The Falcon 9 is scheduled to take off Thursday, 3/30/2017 and it will be first time Space Explorations Technologies will reuse the 14-story tall rocket booster.

The mission is to ferry a communications satellite into orbit for Luxembourg-based SES and it represents an enormous milestone in Musk’s journey to lessen the costs of launching equipment into space. This is a huge moment for the world as a reusable rocket can make launches exponentially more affordable, creating an environment where space can become more accessible.

“This is a Wright Brothers moment for space,” said Phil Larson, former space-policy adviser to President Obama. “It’s as important as the first plane taking off and landing and taking off again.”

Some argue that this has already been done as with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin reusable rockets. However, these rockets only achieved suborbital flights and only for testing purposes. SpaceX’s rockets will be delivering a payload into orbit for a paying commercial customer during an active mission. This is undoubtedly a monumental moment and one that can have a lasting impact on business here on Earth.

Space mining is quickly advancing and new technologies are paving the way toward a feasible mining industry far above Earth. To have any chance of this becoming a reality, it’ll be vital to reduce the cost of launching equipment into space. SpaceX’s reusable Falcon 9 will be a huge stepping stone for not only Elon Musk’s company, but for an entire emerging industry. Not only will a new industry benefit, the satellite industry is in dire need for more affordable launch options as well.

“The satellite industry needs more launch vehicles, and we need more access to space,” SES’s Chief Technology Officer Martin Halliwell said. He continues, “Rockets that can be flown, recovered and relaunched again help enormously. This is a hugely important milestone.”

The launch is scheduled for March 30th and it is expected to take to the air at around 6:27PM EDT.

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