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The New Wild West

FEATURE Competition for the Smart Home: Will Consumers Decide? The current smart home market—largely enabled by the Internet of Everything (IoE)—evokes the spirit of the "Wild West." That's largely due to the multitude of companies promoting different automation standards and aggressively competing for marketshare. Do you think the smart home will become a reality for the average homeowner? Ultimately, the key to unlocking the smart home market may ...

6 Things That Will Affect The Future of Manufacturing

As 2015 has rolled in, now is the ideal time to look ahead at developing patterns that will affect 21st century assembling around the globe. The whole store network environment - including producers, wholesalers and retailers - is experiencing a business change. This is because of changing motion including moving customer desires, time to market and extraordinary worldwide rivalry that is being directed by the climbing Internet and portable economies. Advances in innovation - coupled with ...

The Internet of Things and how it will change the way we handle manufacturing and logistics

What is an Example of Internet of Things? IBM’s Smarter Planet team created a 5-minute video that wholly explains Internet of Things and provides a brilliant example. Watch the video for more details.